Fifteen years ago, founding members, Peggy Morris (President), Sharon J. Bullock (Vice President), Audrey N. Dickson (Secretary), and Dee Adams (Treasurer) saw a need to create a platform that would allow women to grow, collaborate and build lasting relationships on their road to entrepreneurship. Today, membership has grown from 4 to close to 50o dedicated and loyal women whom all share a common bond of promoting positive Sisterhood.

Over the past 15 years, Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc. has created a platform for women to come together to network, share experiences and to form alliances with like-minded women. Collectively, through collaboration and partnering, these women share their visions and dreams to inspire each other to reach for the stars. Armed with a belief that “all things are possible,” Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc. works to empower, equip, and encourage its members to form partnerships that produce successful outcomes. Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc. touches the lives of women in ways that, until now, was unimaginable!

In 2010 Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc. became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization out of a need to serve the community and to tackle the many challenges that stifle women, children and families in Prince George’s County Maryland. Our members come from all backgrounds and they each bring a flair to the organization that screams AWESOMENESS when we come together to support causes such as, youth mentoring and education, family and domestic violence, entrepreneurship, and issues related to women’s health, wealth, mind, body and spirit. Our members have access to some amazing conferences, workshop, forums, training sessions and symposiums that encourage personal and professional development.

The Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc. name has the power to bring nationally-known experts to venues throughout the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area as a way of adding value to our members. Our goal is to build a bond of Courage, Strength & Leadership in every woman who creates a partnership with Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc.

Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc. credits their mentors: International Motivational Speakers/Authors Willie Jolley, Jewel Diamond Taylor and George C. Fraser who have inspired countless women to follow their dreams. Our goal has always been to ignite the power within women to make a difference in their lives, their families and the lives of others and the community.