Let’s Stand-Up & Stop Domestic, Sexual & Family Violence

Violence against women, men and children are widespread in the United States, and the State of Maryland is no exception. Our program provides support, networking opportunities, and training for individuals who are victimized by this ugly crime.  S4SN is an advocate for ending violence against all. We have formed alliances with organizations and community groups that provide domestic and sexual violence intervention/prevention services on the state, regional and national levels.


Empowering Women to Strengthen Families & Communities

As we all know, women carry the heaviest burden within the family and the community.  As nurturers, it is our nature to ensure that, everyone is in good health, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.  If the woman is healthy mentally emotionally, physically and financially, the family and her community are healthy.  This program will inspire, encourage and empower women to deal with the realities of everyday life and enable them to strengthen themselves to strengthen their families and their communities.

Senior Women on the MOVE: Manifesting, Overcoming, Vivaciously, Extraordinary

Women are living longer and just like men, we want to enjoy the resources and the gifts that life has to offer us at every age.  The Senior Women on the Move program was designed to empower women who are in transition to think and live outside the box through networking, training, hands-on workshops and community outreach.  Men are welcome.


Food 4 Thought: Everyone Deserves a Meal

No one should ever go to bed hungry. To ensure that they don’t, S4SN has joined forces with area non-profit organizations that feed the community to combat this problem.  Each month, we visit different senior citizen communities to share information about nutrition, other food programs available and foster relationships through our “Lunch & Learn with the Seniors” program.  We have formed alliances with some major organizations that advocate for ending hunger.


Mentoring 4 Success!

S4SN believes when women are empowered, the entire family is empowered!  This 12-month program grants ten (10) up and coming women entrepreneurs a free annual membership in S4SN to grow their business through a series of workshops, training, seminars, one-on-one coaching sessions and networking opportunities. All of which are designed to help them succeed and grow their business.  We have developed a step-by-step program to track outcomes and provide data that encourages success.

Girls With Dreamz

If girls are going to accomplish their dreams and be successful in life, they must surround themselves with other like-minded girls and positive women committed to helping them succeed.   The S4SN “Girlz With Dreamz” program provides girls ages 12 -17 with mentoring, training and resources that inspire, encourage and promote leadership.   Promoting self-love and confidence in our girls lays the foundation for a great education that will empower them with the life skills needed to become entrepreneurs.  We launched the “Girlz With Dreamz” program to prepare girls for success while having fun!