S4SN, was birth by a woman who has 5 biological sisters. They are all very close, she form the organization with the vision of women and sisters coming together to connect. Each one help one.

We are our sister’s keepers and we keep each other accountable. The organization keeps you updated on what’s going on in and around our communities. S4SN has helped me to stay the course in my journey to entrepreneurship and I am proud to be a member.

Connie B.

Baltimore, MD

I have been a member (life time member) for over 8 years. First time attending I knew this is the organization for me. S4SN is a networking organization but not just network; we build relationships and support. We come together and learn from each other. That is what I love about being a member. T. Tabor

S4SN Lifetime Member

This organization is true to their words, “Women Helping Women to Connect”! There are many women with their own businesses, and non-profits within the organization, and the sisters literally do support each and every one of them! Whether it’s a fundraiser, a walk-a-thon, a food or clothing drive, or a grand opening at a Boutique, the Sisters are there to support! I was opening my Boutique, and was up against a major holiday deadline, “Black Friday”, and had to be open by then, and the timing wasn’t on my side. However, with one phone call, 20 women from our organization just showed up and showed out! They volunteered their time to help me get my doors open, by steaming, tagging, opening boxes, and doing what ever I needed done to meet my deadline, because that’s what we do! Sharon B.

S4SN Board Member